Sending the car for servicing is an essential element of owning a car. The vehicle needs to be serviced to ensure that it can run as intended for a long time. Negligence of servicing the car will lead to a severe consequence which can impact the vehicle performance and affect the bank balance of car lovers. The vehicle wear and tear parts need to be serviced in the recommended timeframe written and set by the car manufacturers. Most of the vehicle wear and tear parts have their timeframe of servicing. In these instances, the engine oil and its filter need to be replaced in 10,000km or 15,000km depending on car manufacturers’ recommendations. Another vital part, the transmission fluid, if it is a CVT, needs to be replaced each 50,000km, and conversely, for the ATF transmission, it needs to be at 80,000km.

Some engine oil manufacturers do not only supply engine oil, whether it’s fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral oil, and transmission fluid but also car additives. An additive for the car is a substance that will be added to the car engine or gasoline fuel in small quantities to preserve, purge the sludge and deposits, improve the octane rating, and furthermore. The additive had been a subject of contentious argument. In these cases, some consumers are supportive of the additive while others are not supportive of it.

When it comes to the additive, one of the most favoured engine oil suppliers among the consumers is Liqui Molly, as they had the most additive in their production line. They have Ceratec, Engine Flush, Motor Protect that can be poured into the engine, while for the gasoline fuel additive, they have the Fuel Injector Cleaner, Valve Cleaners, SpeedTec and a lot more. Undoubtedly, they have the most additive sold in the market by engine oil manufacturers. Conversely, Castrol does not have any gasoline fuel additive; however, they also had joined the additive coterie when they launched the Engine Shampoo. Liqui Moly uniquely also has a 3 -in -1 additive sold as a service package or separately. Most additives can be purchased in the authorized online store or workshop, which can hinder the consumer from buying fake engine oil, which can play havoc with the wear and tear parts. One of the additives that can be purchased in petrol station outlets is Caltex Techron Concentrated Plus, a gasoline fuel additive.

The additive poured into the engine compartment uniquely cleans the remnant of deposits and sludge and decreases the engine’s metal friction. The Liqui Molly Engine  Flush and Castrol Engine Shampoo fall in these types of additives, which will clean the remnant of the deposits and sludge before the engine oil replacements. The Liqui Molly Ceratec’s function is to decrease the engine metal friction, which can increase the engine’s smoothness, reduce the fuel consumption, give an edge in the performance, and a lot more.

The additive poured in the gasoline had the most intended function. This type of additive is specifically made to clean the fuel injector, decrease the fuel consumption, increase the performance, octane rating increments, valve cleaner and furthermore. These additives will have instructions written by the engine oil makers. Like the additive poured in the engine compartment, the gasoline additive can be poured during refuelling or poured anytime in the fuel compartment regardless of the fuel amount. Usually, the mixing will happen automatically when these additives are poured into the fuel compartments.

Do these additive works? According to some independent Youtubers, few of them had claimed these additives worked as intended. Nevertheless, some of them also claimed that these additive does not work as intended and is a waste of money. The car lovers who had tried these additives had given positive feedback in a specific forum like and social media. Regardless of their bad feedback, these additive is sold widely in most of the workshop, and it will be recomanded by the workshop mechanics.

Like the engine oil and tramission oil, each additive also has its own timeframe. The engine flush usually will be poured into the engine compartment during oil changes; the gasoline type additive had its own timeframe recommended by the additive makers as some can last up to  2,000km, 3,000km or 5,000km, and furthermore. It is vital to follow additive makers’ instructions to ensure that these additive will work as intended and not cause any severe damage to the car. Some additive makers had given a specific warning on their additive.

For example, Liqui Molly had warned that their most favoured additive, Ceratec, should not be mixed with their Mollygen engine oil. It will cause more harm to the engine and cause severe degradation to the engine performance. Most additive makers will have any hindrance and warning printed in their packaging as obliquely they know the danger of too many additives.

As mentioned before, some engine oil makers hold some scepticism about the additive. Castrol engine oil is the well-liked and most sought engine oil maker that became the official engine oil for a few car manufacturers. Apart from their engine flush called Engine Shampoo, they do not have additives in the production. The rationale behind Castrol’s non-support of additive is that their engine oil has its own additive that can clean the engine or cling to the car component during cold start. These can’t be said for other engine oil makers as they at least have a few gasoline fuel additives in the production line.

The additive will work as intended if the consumer and the workshop mechanics follow the additive instruction. It is safer to buy it from an authorized workshop or the official online store to ensure the additive works as intended simultaneously to prevent any fake additive from accidentally being poured into the gasoline or the engine compartment. The additive either does not have an unequivocal statement of it damaging the car components or significantly improving the car’s performance. The additive can be similar to the engine oil brand as each consumer had their own inclination to a certain engine oil. The additive usually will have its supporters and haters.

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