In our highways we can see an accident happen with a car and another car, a lorry with a car, lorry with the motorcycle, a motorcycle with a lorry and much more either in the peak hour, the normal hour or during holiday time. When an accident happens it will be a loss of life for the drivers and passenger, breaking the bank account to rebuild the car, claiming insurance, reduction of NCR in insurance, increase the stress load and much more inconvenience or sadness for the drivers. When an accident happens that cause the loss of life it will be sometime disastrous toll of emotion for the loved one of the deceased people. They are several reasons on why the accident happens on our roads and no matter what is the reason or causes it will be a disastrous emotionally or financially for the drivers.

One of the main reasons is the loss of control on the car. This happens when the drivers speeding the car over the limit and lost the control on his car. On this case sometimes the car can be thrown to the other lane if they are no divider on the road. This type of accident can cause a loss of life even if the car has all latest safety equipment and if they are no loss of the life it can cause severe damages to the car and broke the bank account of the drivers to repair the car.

Another reason for the accident is the drunk and drive situation. When a driver is drunk and still instated to drive the car it can like a disaster waiting to happen. When a driver is in a drunken state he loses his focus and concentration and will drivers the car swaying left the right to make the car also in a drunk state and in the end causes accident. Even they are severe punishment for the drunk and driver surprisingly compare to the European countries the number is smaller here as in the European countries drunk and drivers will be the major causes of an accident.

The next type of accident happens that can cause a long list of the car together is the kissing the back type of accident. Although this accident can happen due to the driver in the front carelessness or the drivers stopped suddenly, the person who had hit the car from the back will always be the guilty party. This accident may happen when the drivers in front brake suddenly without any necessary emergencies or the drivers at the back follow him too closely and the worst of all this type of accident can trigger a chain of a car hitting back together that sometimes can be seen with more than 2 cars caught in this type of accident.

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In a certain situation, an accident can also happen due to car equipment malfunction although this can be rare if the drivers had serviced the car regularly and replacing the spare part of the car in soonest. This type of accident can happen if the service center does not service the car correctly or if the car drivers delaying to change the spare part of the car that can cause the equipment failed in a wrong time that causes the drivers lost control on his car and caught in an accident.

If the driver disobeys the traffic rules especially the traffic light, this is a disaster for a severe accident to happen. This can happen let say when a motorcyclist disobeys the red light signal that means to stop but instead speeding ahead and later was hit by a vehicle passed by. So in this cases, the drivers need to follow the traffic light rules no matter how long is it as some may be or may not follow the traffic light due to self-emergencies issues or think it is safe to disobey the traffic light. In this type, if both of drivers unable to avoid a collision then an accident can happen and unfortunately this type of accident can be avoided if the drivers obey the rule.

Not all the accident cases can be blamed on the drivers as sometimes it can happen due to some foreseen situation like a landslide or road design. In the same situation if an accident happens due to a landslide and the road design faulty the road engineer or contractor must be at faults as they do not foresee this situation and not make any attempt to resolves this issue in order to avoid an accident. This is one of the reasons that Highland Towers disaster happened due to engineers neglect the landslide issue and some disaster can happen in the road due to this.

Another minor reason that an accident can happen is when policemen need to chase a criminal in a car chasing situation. This is something that happens in the film without any major accident but in reality, an accident can happen due to this situation. When a criminal panicked and tried to escape the policemen in order to avoid to be caught he or she will speed the car and in a wrong time he can lose control of the car and catch in the accident.

Although they are some minor reason and some is not under the control of drivers to avoid an accident but most of the time accident happen due to driver faults. Hence the drivers need to be careful to avoid an accident but in some cases, the drivers can be overconfident with his or her driving style and or maybe certain situation the drivers unable to react accordingly due to the carelessness of another driver but in the end, the accident happens. An accident will always gave a tremendous toll of emotion for the drivers even if they are no loss of life.

And with the heavier punishment for the drivers, also advertising for the masses and road regulation seminars we hope that an accident can be reduced to avoid any tremendous emotional toll for the drivers and relatives of the deceased drivers if the accident had led to a loss of life.

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