About me

My name is Raja Kumar. As an avid car lover, I had chosen to start the automobile blog after learning about WordPress and how to create a blogging website.

Why did I start

My passion and fervent love for the car and the automobile industries sow the seeds for creating Malaysian Car Blog WordPress sites. I am doing something that I love, which can give me a tremendous amount of pleasure and joy.

Why is this name chosen?

When I want to start this site, I need to choose a domain. I began to tinker and play around with some names, and then I decided to name the site Fortunately, the domain that I chose was available. The name is catchy, and it suits my nationality and my passion for starting this WordPress site.

What to expect?

Every aspect of an automobile such as the history, the important person, incident related to automobile or person, achievement of automobile brands, safety in automobile, future automobile planning, about the car parts pros and cons, the best for maintenance, thoughts, and research on the automobile, and furthermore. They are also some articles on gambling, as I believe this is one of the devastating habits that can derail anyone emotionally and physically. Gambling habits and automobiles are correlated; hence, I posted about gambling on this site. The tag “All in One Automobile Website” was used as I had covered every aspect of the automobile industry and will do the same in the future.

What is my target?

My ultimate target for is to make it one of the most sought automobile websites in the world. I want to make sure that is the brand, most talked about automobile website, and one of the most liked and established automobile websites in the world.

Who is my inspiration?

Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Mahatma Gandhi, and furthermore. These people had made a task that was deemed impossible possible.

What will I do in the future for this website?

Currently, I have started a Youtube channel named Car Blog Malaysia which can be seen on the site’s sidebar. I also wanted to start a forum and mobile app for Android, IOS, and Huawei in the future. There will be more articles on the latest info about the automobile I had drafted. Once all necessary information has been acquired, I will post it on this site.

What did I expect from the viewers?

The viewers can comment on any likes, dislikes, positive feedback, negative feedback, suggestion, opinion, guest post, etc. I will listen to feedback and criticism to improve the site. The viewers can send me their idea, thought, impression, and more via the Feedback Form. In layman’s terms, to ensure my site is successful, I need viewers, as any business will not be successful without the customers.

How is the path currently?

It is a topsy turvy path. I had made numerous mistakes in the beginning. Nevertheless, I learned and learned from this mistake again to make sure the site is better currently. The path to success is undoubtedly an up and down path that I will endure to make sure that my ambition with the site will be realized. I am working and will work on these. One thing for sure I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP on making this site one of the established automobile sites in the world.

Can I be successful?

I have a strong belief that I will be successful. After enduring various mishaps and errors, I learned a lot. Each learning will be a lesson for me in making my ambition a reality. I will try to make my Malaysian Car Blogger as one of the most liked, most sought, and most famous automobile websites globally.