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Hi Readers,

The reason I had started this blog is for the love of the car. Not only me but many Malaysia love the car, news about the car and also anything related to the car. Even though our car price is the second most expensive in the South East Asia region after Singapore but our love for the car can’t be ignored.

We loved to use our car for the family vacation, business trip, road trip, and much more. We also loved the reviews of the car and any latest news about the car.

And this is where the www.carblogmy.com had been started by. They are many websites in our countries that are more on the reviews, latest news and much more. What I am trying to do on my website is to deviate from the reviews and trying to provide a different kind of content based on the car. So far for now so good and I enjoyed working in it.

In my blog, you can find all kind of information about the car from the spare parts, the road in Malaysia; the daily problem occurs with our car and much more. They are this content presently and will be more in the future too as I will post more and more content.

But the most important of all beside the content is the supports from you. You are more than welcome to provide a positive or negative feedback with regards to the blog content and suggestion in order to improve the blog further. You can proceed to fill in the contact form on the website, email to dhina82@gmail.com or commenting in the Facebook page Car Blogger in order to send any feedback, suggestion, information or inquiries to me directly.


Again thanks for your supports readers.