Honda Malaysia will soon make its official announcement for the latest Honda HRV model called Honda HRV 2022. As a first step, they had already parked their latest Honda HRV in the selected showroom around Klang Valley. https://paultan.org/2022/06/14/2022-honda-hr-v-suv-making-malaysia-debut-at-kl-sgor-showrooms-this-weekend-customer-preview/. At some time, for the US Market the Honda HRV 2023 also had made its debut. As a matter of fact, even though they are some issues with the Honda HRV, it is one of the hot-selling models for Honda Malaysia besides the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, and Honda Civic. Given its reliability and quality, the Honda model has a special place for automobile lovers in Malaysia and globally. The new Honda HRV 2022 and his US model Honda HRV 2023 had some significant changes compared to the present and their predecessor.  

The first Honda HRV model, popular as Honda Vezel in the Japanese market, had an eye-catching design. There is some distinctive style design for it. In 2015 when the first Honda HRV was launched, it was advertised as a crossover SUV. The following model after 2015 has shared some distinctive styles while adding the leather seat, turbo engine, Honda Lane Watch, Honda Sensing, and a hybrid model. The Honda HRV 2022 and the 2023 model in the US market deviate from the precursor mode’s distinctive style. It looks more like an entry-level SUV, and the interior also looks similar to Mazda 5 interior. The unique style of the crossover had been banished, and the Honda HRV’s latest model looks more like the SUV. While the sedan-like door handles it still there, the style and interior do have a Mazda feel and are not like Honda, while the exterior and the tailgate have similarities with the Honda CR-V.

Another non-existent in both of the aforementioned models is the obliteration of the triple vent on the passenger side. According to Honda, the rationale behind the design in the first place is that it can provide better air circulation in the cabin. Starting from the first 2015 model, every Honda HRV model has a unique triple vent. With this model, Honda had decided to remove the triple vent and replace it with the traditional rear air conditioner vent. Nevertheless, like the triple vent, which is distinctive, they are another unique feature of the Honda HRV model. Honda had called it an Air Diffusion System, a new concept of the air conditioning in the car. They are some valid rationale for these. Some passengers and drivers were uncomfortable with having air directly flowing on their faces. The Air Diffusion System can prevent the airflow from hitting the occupant and letting it glide along the side windows, simultaneously forming an air curtain around the front-rear occupants. Honda claimed that the Air Diffusion System maintains a consistent temperature in every weather condition.

With the revamp of the design to look more like an SUV, it also can eliminate the unusual problem that occurs in the current Honda HRV model, the discomfort that feels by the rear passenger. The style of the current Honda HRV had its flaw, as the passenger on the rear side does not feel comfortable enough due to lack of height. The Honda HRV was designed as the crossover between a hatchback and SUV; hence, it can create a moment of discomfort for the rear passenger, especially when the car hits a bump. The SUV design of the 2022 and 2023 models can eliminate the current models’ height issue. The Magic Seat, which makes its debut in the Honda Jazz, has been one of the selling points for the Honda HRV as it can provide various ways to store or keep the thing in the car. While for 2022 model still retain the magic seat, the 2023 US market model does not have the Magic Seat; however, Honda claimed that the 2023 model has a spacious cargo boot.

The Honda HRV 2023 they are three variants. The Honda HRV 2022 model that will be launched officially in our country has 4 variants: a combination of the Natural Aspirated Engine for entry-level, 2 turbo engine variant for the following variants, and for the high-level variants, it is a hybrid train model. Both turbo engines and the hybrid have an engine displacement of 1.5 cc. For Honda HRV 2023 they are another thing that had vanished altogether from Honda. The Honda Lane watch is not available for the 2023 US market model. The Honda HRV 2022 model still has the Honda Lane Watch. Like the banishment of the triple vent, Honda had decided to eliminate the Honda Lane Watch and fix the Blind Spot Information System(BLIS) prevalent in contemporary cars. The reporter in the United States had said the Honda was forced to eat the humble pie with the banishment of the Honda Lane Watch in the 2023 model. The Lane Watch is unique; however, it is not as effective as the BLIS, where the driver can check the blind spot on both sides while the Lane Watch is only for the front passenger side.

Both the Honda HRVs had been revamped to look more like SUVs. With the interior may look similar to the Mazda car model, the Honda HRV lost some of the uniqueness that makes it popular among automobile lovers. Nevertheless, the latest Honda HRV model’s design can also induce some potential buyers as Honda has an excellent reputation among automobile lovers globally. The eradication of the triple vent air conditioner, which had been replaced with a more traditional rear vent for the 2022 model, while the eradication of the Honda Lane Watch for the 2023 model, which had been replaced with the BLIS, had seen Honda was forced to eat humble pie like mentioned by the United States reporter. The eradication of the triple vent and the Honda Lane Watch was proof that both are more of form than function, which led Honda to make the drastic decision. For the 2022 model, Honda Malaysia had decided to sustain the Honda sensing and add some remote start with the handsfree tailgate opener, which can benefit many automobile lovers. With the revamping of the Honda HRV which makes it look more like a proper SUV than a crossover; although the interior is similar to Mazda, Honda has an excellent reputation therefore, it is expected to sell like a hot cake in our country when it has been launched officially.

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