The video games had been a global phenomenon in the recent year. The video games industries had been million and billion dollar industries with the revenue from the arcade, home console, smartphone and the mini transaction in the game itself by certain developers. They are some competition among the game genre like the FIFA edition by EA Sports and Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami. Some of the popular video game had been adapted to live action films like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tekken and much more to come. Unlike in the past releasing a video game is like releasing a latest live action film with the introduction of the trailer that will be uploaded to the YouTube that can earn a million views in just several hours and also, they are some review for the games by the ever growing You tubers. Today we will see the evolution of the car video games and how it had become popular with gamers but first how it all started.

The car video game had been introduced to the world by the game developer Kasco’s with a game called as Mini Drive where the game machine imitates the real-world car with the steering wheel to control the car miniature that has a scrolling conveyor belt inside the game machine. Then in 1969, a game that had laid the foundation for the car racing video game Indy 500 had been introduced by the game developers Kenzou Furukawa. It uses a rear image projection to display the first person scrolling track on screen and at some time has a controller that consist of the steering wheel and an accelerator pedal. It becomes global hits and inspired many clones for the game such as Sega Grand Prize and Chicago Coin Speedway.

Another developer from in 1974 Tomohiro Nishiokoda had designed the game called as Speed Race under Taito game developers where it was the first emulation of the real car and had the racing wheel controller interface with an accelerator, gear shift, speedometer and a tachometer. It had been sensational hits and many of the arcade game developers had since then installed this feature in their game arcade machine. The game had been named as Wheels in the United States.

In 1980, where it was a glory heyday for the video game as many of the current game foundation had been laid by the developers in this period. First, in 1982, the Japanese game developers Namco had introduced a game called as Pole Position. This is the most influential game in the car video game as it had been the first to introduce the real racing circuit, qualifying lap, time trial and the Grand Prix races. Then in 1983, Namco had introduced the sequel to the game called as Pole Position 2 where it had been the first game to introduce the force feedback technology that will cause the steering to vibrate. This game it another game where it had laid the foundation for the present car video game.

Pole Position Video Game

Another game had been introduced in 1983 where it was called as Change Lanes where it had the fuel gauge that will deprive when the car had been crashed to an obstacle and while driving the car at a high speed like the real-world car and the player must refill the fuel in each checkpoint to be able to play the game. With this fuel gauge in the video game introduction, in 1984 another game developer from Japan, Konami had released a game called as Road Fighter where the player needs to drive fast, pass a car, and avoid an accident with the car in the game. It had implemented the Change Lane fuel gauge where in this game the player also needs to reach the checkpoint before the fuels run out. Unlike Change Lanes, they are no checkpoint to refill the fuel but they are a special car that the player needs to crash to increase the fuel gauge.

rad fighter.png
Road Fighter Video Game

Meanwhile, in 1980, Sega the famous game developer had designed a game called as OutRun and it was a game that had a superior graphic in its game and had been labeled as a game that is ahead of its time. It also for the first time ever gave the player to choose to customize as the player can choose their own soundtrack. In this time, Konami also had introduced a game called as WEC Le Mans where it accurately simulates the real world of the Le Mans competition with the real track, day-night cycle and the force feedback that will vibrate the steering when the car accelerates and also when the car hits an offroad bump.

Another company in the 1989 Taito had created a game that had been a precursor to the current Driver and Burnout games and the game called as Chase H.Q. In this game, the players driving a police car to chase a criminal in given time limit. In some year, another company Papyrus Design had designed a game called as Indianapolis 500: The Simulation and the game had been designed pretty impressively where it emulates the real-world physics and telemetry, loss of grip when making a high-speed turn, vehicle modification, tire change, and much more.

In the 90’s the hardware and software of the game had been improved significantly where now the game developer been able to emulate the real world of the car more accurately and the game car, track, and much more to make it more realistic. Taking advantage of this many of the game developers had created a game that had been a global phenomenon and one of the game is Gran Tourismo. It emulates the real-world car perfectly and with the realistic graphic taking advantage of the improved hardware and software power it had become the 2nd bestselling car video game in the world after Need for Speed by EA Sports. And many of the game developers had taken advantages of this and created a different type of genre like Mario Karts, Crash Team Racing, Crazy Taxi and much more.

need for speed.png
On the left Need For Speed and on the right Gran Tourismo the first and the second best selling car video game respectively.

The company like Sega, Namco, Konami, Taito and Papyrus Design had created some of the game that had been the foundation for the current car video game and the current game developers had taken advantage of the powerful hardware and software in the current time to make the car video game more realistic with a superior graphic. The car video game industries will be better in the future and with more game to come, the car lovers and the gamers will grow in numbers in the future.

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