One of the necessary stops that we will do while driving is going to the petrol station to refill our vehicle fuel tank or buy some confectionery, drinks, and other crucial items like the jumping cable, engine oil, brake oil etc. Some petrol stations also have some fast-food restaurants together with a resting place, especially on the highway, for the automobile lovers to ease off from their driving duties before continuing to their preferred journeys. Speaking about the petrol station, they are some unique stories about the petrol station. Before the petrol station began, the first person used to fill gasoline in the car was Bertha Benz.

To support her husband’s business and encourage him, Bertha Benz used her husband’s car on her maiden-trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim back in 1888. During this trip, she had stopped in the pharmacy of Wiesloch, Germany, to refill her husband car. Thenceforth, most of the pharmacies during that day sold the gasoline fuel as a side business. Speaking about Bertha Benz maiden trip, it had given a gigantic lifeline to her husband’s automotive business, and from then on, the car brand Mercedez Benz had born. Bertha Benz Memorial Route in Germany commemorated her solicitous effort to give life back to her husband business, and the route had become the bedrock for the birth of Mercedez Benz.

In the early 19th century, Henry Ford had launched the Model T, which increased vehicle ownership among the bourgeois people while simultaneously is also increased the need for an independent petrol station without the need to depend on the pharmacy.  As a result of this surge in vehicle ownership among ordinary people, the first independent petrol station was commenced in St Louis, Missouri, in 1905. Thenceforth, the petrol station had been omnipresent worldwide, simultaneous with the increase of vehicle ownership globally.

Natively, in our country, the petrol station is called “stesyen minyak”. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, it is called “petrol bunk”, while in countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa, it will be named “service station”. Meanwhile, it will be referred to as “servo” in Australia, and in Japan, it is commonly referred to as a gasoline stand. Globally excluding the countries aforementioned, it will be called as “petrol station or petrol pump”.

With the increase of the petrol station, the competition among the oil and gas companies also increased. Hence, the oil and gas companies will create a distinctive formula for their petrol to gain more profits and loyal customers. Each company had their unique name for their petrol like Petronas called their fuel Primax, Shell as V-Power, Caltex as Techron, etc. The oil companies not only made a name for their petrol but also for their engine oil too. Shell together Petronas had been the most sought engine oil among automobile lovers, and it can be purchased directly from the Mesra and Select outlet, respectively.

One of the oil and gas companies that had a revolution in the car engine oil is the French Company Total which had the most petrol station in Europe, followed by Shell. Unfortunately, the Total petrol station is not present in our country. Speaking of our countries, the first oil dan gas company that had started a venture and become the pioneer of oil and gas is Shell. Similar to Europe, Shell has the most petrol station in our country before the inception of Petronas.

Petronas is a state-owned oil and gas company, and since its inception, it has soared to new heights, and currently, Petronas has the most number of petrol stations in our country.  Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the state-owned oil and gas company is Petromina, while in Mexico, Pemex. Apart from these there most of the oil and gas companies are privately owned.  They are petrol station in our country which had been existed beforehand but now had been defunct.

The brand mentioned is Projet and Esso together with Mobil petrol station. Both of mentioned petrol stations had been defuncted, which Shell had taken over Projet outlet while Petron had taken over Esso and Mobil. They are also other unique petrol stations that are only available in Langkawi. Buraq Oil only exists in Langkawi and not in other places of Peninsular Malaysia. Speaking of the petrol brand, Shell uses the brand globally. Conversely, another oil and gas company, Chevron, will use their inherited Caltex in the Asia Pacific region while in Europe and Latin America; it will be under Texaco, while in the United States, it is operating under the name Chevron.

In most countries, the petrol station will be self-service. The automobile lovers will use the debit card or credit card to pay for the fuel via the machine fixed in the petrol pump; however, they can also proceed to the petrol station outlets to pay by cash. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the self-service had been prevented via a law enacted in 2000 by Aldo Rebelo, the Federal Deputy of Sao Paolo, which had been claimed to save nearly 300,000 fuel attendants from losing their job. In our country, self-service was introduced to decrease the dependencies on foreign workers.  

The maiden trip comes from Bertha Benz’s affection to support her husband’s business, which had been successful in providing a platform for the future success of Mercedez Benz while at some time invented the idea of filling up gasoline via the pharmacy. The increase of vehicle ownership due to the introduction of Model T by Henry Ford had propelled the introduction of the independent petrol station. The independent petrol station had also made some of the oil and gas companies become conglomerates in the oil and gas industries, making the brand one of the most sought-after oil in the world. The increase of the independent petrol station also gave birth to the state-owned petrol companies like Petronas, Pemex and Petromina. The petrol station essentially had become one of the crucial aspects while we are driving to refill the fuel, easing off from the driving duties etc.


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