Filtration is the process of separating a solid matter and fluid from a specific mixture by using a physical component or chemical processing. The filtration is in our activities, especially our actions, speeches, electrical components, and many others. They are saying that “we need to filter our mouth” to ensure that the word that comes from our speech does not harm anyone or to prevent from escalating any issue. In our car also, they are a filter to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly and at the some separating any solid matter and baleful component in penetrating the crucial car components. One of the filters available in the car and needs to be replaced regularly is the engine air filter.

The engine air filter aims to trap any harmful matter or debris penetrating the car engine through the air, simultaneously protecting the engine from mishap or malfunction. The air filters had become a crucial component in preserving the car engine and providing a smooth ride by filtering any unwanted item from infiltrating the vehicle engine. This component is simple but crucial as any blemish that happens to the car engine can shatter the driving experience of automobile lovers.  

The engine air filter is one of the components that will be replaced according to the maintenance schedule of the car manufacturers. These components need to be replaced imperatively because when the engine is a non-harmful mixture of air and fuel , it can improve the performance as the air filter has effectively done its job. The car constant smooth performance will be unperturbed when the air filter is clean and not clogged.

Furthermore, when the engine gets a good mixture of the air and fuel, it will also improve its fuel consumption. The engine that can run smoothly without any mishap or any irrelevant item penetrating the engine will provide good fuel consumption as they are no harmful debris or item that can affect the vehicle’s combustion process, which leads to the good fuel consumption.  

The engine air filter comes in many from depending on the car model and the car manufacturers. The engine air filter can be circular, panels, and cylindrical. Each form is designed specifically together with the car engine specification and the car characteristics. Like the engine air filter form, they are also a difference in the method and components used to make the air filters.  

The air filter started simultaneously with the creation of the internal combustion engine. During that time, car makers discovered that keeping any harmful debris from the combustion chamber would improve the car’s performance. The early method used to create the air filter is the “bath” filter which is a bizarre name for a vehicle air filter. The bath filters work by using the air inlet pipe that will feed down into a water bath. Once the constriction of the inlet pipe causes the engine to speed up, the water bath will catch all the unwanted particles and create a clean fuel and air mixture. The oil bath soon replaces the water bath as the oil is far more effective in trapping unwanted particles.

Notwithstanding the effect of the water and oil bath in trapping the unwanted particles, the downside of these methods comes from the intense labouring and messy servicing caused these methods to become obsolete, and it was replaced by another component which had been very effective and is still used in the modern-day vehicles.  The element founded in the 1960s and still used today is the paper filter method.

As mentioned, the water and oil bath is creating a lot of toils while servicing the car; the paper filter had been proven easy and simple to replace or clean while servicing. The paper filter is cheap, simple, flexible, and is also effective in hindering any unwanted particles penetrating the car engine. The flexibilities of the paper filter had led to the creation of different shapes for the car engine air filter, as mentioned before. Furthermore, unlike the complexity that happened while replacing the water and oil bath, the paper filter only needs to be replaced or cleaned without any difficulties. It saves a lot of time for the labour servicing the car.   

Even though the paper filter had been proven straightforward and functional, they still have some idea and feel that the vehicle’s performance can significantly increase by using a different component. From these ideas comes the reusable cotton filters. The reusable cotton filter is the component that will be used in the performance engine air filters. The cotton filter had been proven to prevent any unwanted particles from entering the car engine like the paper filters, but the cotton filter had a supreme edge over the paper filter. While the paper filter needs to be replaced depending on the mileage determined by vehicle manufacturers, the cotton air filter eliminated these.

The biggest advantage of that cotton filter is that it can be re-cleaned and re-oiled without replacing the whole filter, and it can last for a lifetime. The cotton air filter also had proven to increase the vehicle horsepower significantly. This longevity and worthwhile characteristic are why almost all the performance air filters use the cotton filter as their preferred component for the engine air filters.  

In the contemporary era, the paper filter is the most used engine air filters component, while the cotton air filter is the preferred choice for the aftermarket performance air filters. The engine air filter has been one of the most underrated and unseen vital parts of the car components and is preventing any unwanted particles from entering the car engine, simultaneously ensuring the car combustion process is impeccable. The engine air filter’s task is to ensure our car can be driven smoothly without any mishaps as the combustion process of the vehicle is not affected by any unwanted particles. The engine air filter also ensures that the engine constantly gets the flawless air and fuel mixture leading to excellent performance.

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