With a continuous innovation from the car manufacturer on their specific models that later widely used in all the cars and in some cases, it had become a standard specification in all the cars presently. They are some car technologies that are for safety, some for comfort, some for improvements of the past technologies and much more. These technologies, however, had made our travel and driving our car is much easier and in same say helped us to avoid the minor or fatal accident and here are some of 8 car technologies that had helped us to drive our car far simpler and better than before.

Number 8

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

The technologies that were invented by Volvo Car and was introduced to the world in their 2007 Volvo S80 model. This system will alert the drivers via a signal in the side mirror if a car had entered their driver blind spot while switching the lane. Again, with some continuous innovation to make these better some car manufacturer installed a small camera in the side mirror and some just installed a radar. Honda Motors in their Accord G9 had installed a small screen in the center of the car so the drivers can know the real-time view when switching lane but the limitation presently is that it only works when the drivers switching to the left-hand side only.

Number 7

Run Flat Tyre.

Run Flat Tyre was introduced by Michelin in 1934 but during this time it was only installed for the military use and for a specialized vehicle like bank armored car. Seeing the benefits of these, later Michelin and other tire manufacturers like Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental had installed this on the car. The car that was running on these tires will be able to run for the specified kilometers even the tire is punctured. Now, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini Cooper had the RFT as their OEM tire.

Number 6

Autonomous Brake.

This braking system was introduced again by Volvo in their 2011 S40 model and later were installed in the Ford and Mercedes-Benz. The braking will work when the car system detects an unavoidable crash and will break on its own without the drivers assist. Sooner or later all the car in the future may have this system installed as this system will reduce the human error in this type of situation.


Number 5

Cruise Control.

It’s hard for us to control the speed of the vehicle especially if we are driving in a hot area that had the speed trap camera like the AES installed but this had been solved with the cruise control. The patent had been started in early 19th century but only after the 1973 oil crisis, this system had become a popular choice for the car lovers and it’s now a standard in all cars. The system will control the speed as determined by the drivers in the cruise control setting usually installed on the multi-function steering wheel or in the left-hand side indicator of the drivers. The system will be useful for a long journey if the drivers want to save fuel while driving or when driving in the AES spot where this system can be very helpful to control the speed.


Number 4

Car Infotainment System.

Once an upon a time, a car infotainment can only play radio, cassette, and CD only but now the car infotainment had been upgraded further where the drivers can now choose their preferred setting for the car like the alarm setting, navigation, checking the engine oil fuel level, teleservices and much more. With the Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink and Android Auto the car infotainment will also be able to synchronize perfectly with the driver’s smartphone.

Number 3

Reverse and Parking Technologies.

Gone the day when we need to open the window and look at behind on what is the hurdles when we need to reverse the car. With the reverse technologies like the reverse camera and optical parking assist, reversing the car is far better now and with the parking technologies where the car can park itself, parking the car is much easier now for the driver when reversing and when parking the car whether in the perpendicular parking or parallel parking.

Number 2

Power Steering and Multifunctional Steering

For those who were in 70’s and 80’s or for some whom still using the old car, they will know how hard it is to turn the steering wheel but with the power steering turning and maneuvering the steering wheel now is much easier. Furthermore, with the multifunction button fixed in the steering now, it is much easier for the drivers to change the volume of the radio, picking up call via Bluetooth, controlling the cruise control and much more. The power steering and the multifunctional button had provided more comfort for the driver while driving the car.

Number 1

Automatic Transmission.

Once we need to shift the gear via pressing the clutch pedal and this was the day of manual transmission. It is absolutely a tiresome process especially if we had been caught in the traffic congestion. With the introduction of the automatic transmission, everything is now computerized and had been simplified and now to drive the car, we just need to change to D and the rest will be taken care by the computerized system. The automatic transmission had been improved to the level where it is now faster in gear shifting, provides better fuel economy and more comfort for the driver.

As mentioned previously, some of these technologies are not available in all the car that was sold in our country and some of the technologies need is only available if we are buying the highest car model specification but one thing can’t be denied this technology had been helped the drivers and provides more comfort for them while driving the car. Expect more useful technologies to come or further upgrade for these technologies in the future as the car manufacturer will continuously make the necessary improvement to provide a better driving experience for us.


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