5 The Best Car Engines in the UK

5 The Best Car Engines in the UK

The Best Five Engines that are commonly used in the vehicles priced under 40k in the UK

There are hundreds of vehicle manufacturers across the globe and they manufacture millions of vehicles every year. Even each of these manufacturers has multiple models and types of cars and every type of car uses a different engine. Every engine used in these cars passes through a carefully scrutinized process of selecting these engines. The engine engineers select these engines according to the need of the vehicle and they select them by matching many factors e.g. horsepower required, fuel economy and carbon emissions of these engines. We have selected five the best engines offered in the cars by the manufacturers. These are the best power units ever which were excellently selected for their models and they performed perfectly well. We have tried to include almost every kind of car engine in the list and because of the list is very small, you can understand how tough I would be to select these five units.

When automakers select these engines, they sacrifice many things to keep their required targets on the top, e.g. ford has sacrificed horsepower in its Mustang and removed its old engine with the new more compact unit, they removed the old unit used the new one from Shelby GT350. It is a compact engine with refinements and tweaks. Similarly, automakers are in the state of the race to introduce zero emission vehicles and in all these conditions, GM has introduced its Chevy Volt as an electric hybrid vehicle to be in the competition. This hybrid vehicle has a powerful engine to back up the electric system. Similarly makes like Toyota and others from Asia are also offering their best. Toyota was actually the first automaker who introduced hybrid vehicle more than 25 years ago. Now they shifting over the alternate fuels, Toyota has introduced Hydrogen powered vehicles in the past as well. They are pioneers in the hybrid powertrains. But the importance of the engines is still there and they would keep using in the vehicles for next 50 years or so. Let’s start the list of competitive engines used in the cars.

BMW 3.0 litre Turbocharged 6 cylinder engine

BMW loves to use longer strokes and bigger turbochargers on its engines and they are successful to the most extent. The B58 engine series has been introduced for their EfficientDynamics modular family of vehicles. These engines are comprising of 3-cylder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines with larger turbochargers and water to air intercoolers. The B58 engine family has longer stroke design and elevated torque and horsepower generation ability. At the same time, BMW has powered these engines with ultra-modern technology gadgets to save fuel and boost efficiency.

With these engines till date, BMW has won more than 32 awards and trophies since they were launched. BMW straight six B58 engines are smooth performers and act like combat machines from under the bonnet of any car they are being used in. BMW 3 Series vastly uses these engines in its 340i models. Where a BMW 3.OLitre B58 engine comes with EfficientDynamics and every combustion chamber in these engines has a displacement of 0.5 litres. So irrespective of the number of cylinders these engines have similar power outputs. 3.0 litre six cylinder B58, its half sized 1.5-litre B38 has 3 cylinders, similarly, 2.0 litre B46 & B48 engines have 4 cylinders, so numbers only multiplying the displacements.

GM 1.5 Litre 4-cylinder engine

General Motors has introduced the Voltec propulsion system as one of the most recognized powertrains in the world. This system was introduced as the largest mass-produced vehicle across the world. Now general motors has further refined its technology and there was no way that we will miss it from adding into the list of powertrains. This engine was introduced in the Chevrolet Volt. The Volts are the best built hybrid vehicles and they are developed as environmentally conscious cars. These cars can keep you away from the fuel stations even for the months. The second generation of the Volt drivetrain is even more fun to drive. In the second generation of these powertrains, the 1.5 litre engines were highly refined to be synchronized with the electric propulsion system. There are two electric motors in this drive train and running both of them at the same time is a tricky part of the system and this way they increase the efficiency by 20 percent. Extending the rage from 0-30 miles to 0-60 miles from 6.4 seconds and 8.4 seconds.

Subaru 2.0 Litre H-four turbo engine

Subaru’s boxer engines are second to none in the world, with ultimate efficiency and performance these horizontal engines are mated to six speed transmissions. They have air cooled intercoolers and big openings on the bonnet allow the intercoolers to perform their job even better. Four-cylinder turbocharged engines are becoming more popular every day and Subaru is focusing on these engines by adding them to wrx models. These engines are capable of making 130 plus horsepower and there are more than 15 models using the same engine.

Nissan 3.5L DOHC V-6

This is Nissan’s naturally aspirated v6 engine and remained much ignored in the past and now it has been carried over with a massive treatment. It is now performing excellently and overriding its fuel thirst as well. This v6 engine is now coming in all maxima, reborn saloon and almost all luxury cars. In last two years, this engine was nominated more than 15 times as the best engine but other won the title. It has a whopping output of 300hp.

Ford 5.2 litre V8 engine

Ford has increased the displacement at its previously 5.0-litre V8 engine, it was once used in all Mustang models. Ford has dismantled its 5.0 litre to increase its displacement which has increased its efficiency by 110 per cent. This displacement has added 100 more horsepower and rotating ability to 8250 rpm while being smooth more than the Ferrari engines. This engine in its newer version gulps up 10percent extra air as well. This engine is really an endorsement to the future wins of Ford.

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