20,000km OIL CHANGE

Once changing the engine oil for 5,000km is a high priority for car maintenance. During this time, changing the engine oil for 10,000km appears for luxury cars only. The 10,000km engine oil change had been mandatory for every vehicle under warranties in the contemporaneous era. Like their predecessor, the 5,000km engine oil replacement looks mandatory, while the 10,000km looks like a luxury option. Similarly, in the present day, where the 10,000km engine oil replacement is imperative, they are also oil that can last for 20,000km; nevertheless, is it not prevalent among the car lovers like the 10,000km engine oil. Even the car mechanics and the workshop owners do not recommend the 20,000km oil change despite the fact that oil makers will print that their engine oil can last long for 20,000km in the package itself.

Various engine oil makers claimed that their engine oil could last up to 20,000k intervals. The engine oil in the market that boldly claimed it is Liqui Moly Top Tec, Castrol Edge Advanced, Amsoil Signature Series, Mobil 1 Advanced, Chemlube, etc. Amsoil, for example, had said that it would not be an official engine oil supplier for any automobile manufacturer as they had claimed that it would bring losses for the automobile manufacturer service center. An audacious claim from one of the best engine oil makers. In various forums, online articles, and Youtube videos, they are justified claim to say that contemporary era engine oil can run more than 20,000km. In spite of that, the car mechanics will refuse to be caught in these claims and will advise the customer to change the oil within a 10,000km range regardless of the claim by engine oil makers in the package or on their online websites.

Let us delve into the aforementioned valiant claim by Amsoil. They had claimed that their engine oil could cause fewer customers to visit the service center as their engine oil can last for 25,000 miles, equivalent to 40,233km. Their claim had simple veracity. The customer who makes the 20,000km engine oil will not be visiting the workshop regularly, contributing to some losses. For a heavy user, it can take less than three months to make an oil replacement for 10,000km, while some users can use wait up to 6 months or more if they had used the 20,000km engine oil. This is something that workshop owners will like to hinder as they prefer the customer to visit their workshop regularly.

Some car mechanics and automobile lovers do not prefer to make an oil change for 20,000km as it will violate the car manufacturer’s oil change recommendation. Most Japanese and Malaysian cars fervently beat the drum for a 10,000km oil change, and even most Continental car manufacturers, although they recommend oil change for more than 10,000km, have a limit to 15,000km. No car manufacturers had proposed the 20,000km oil changes. Most automobile lovers will prefer a 20,000km oil change as it will make their oil change interval longer and save some money. Nevertheless, the 20,000km oil change is the cup of tea for most associated with the automotive industry.

Let us probe the 20,000k engine oil claim. It is not a marketing gimmick; if it is, the oil makers will certainly not valiantly print the 20,000km oil change in the packaging. It certainly will be able to resist and protect the engine for 20,000km. Notwithstanding the engine oil’s ability to sustain for 20,000km, they are an unwritten hint that most automobile lovers should follow. The engine oil may be sustained for 20,000km; however, the oil filter does not have some ability. The oil’s ability to filter out the oil dirt will be diminished and will not be able to sustain to mileage as mentioned earlier. To make the 20,000km oil change possible, the oil filter also needs to be changed, and fortunately, they are some oil filters that can stand for more than 10,000km. Despite that, it is not prevalent like the 20,000km engine oil. Oil filters like Ryco, Amsoil, Mobil 1, Work Engineering, and a few others have endorsed that their oil filter can sustain up to 15,000km.

The oil filter that can sustain more than 10,000km is not economical. For instance, Amsoil Oil Filter had claimed that their oil filter was able to maintain for more than 25,000 miles, equivalent to 40,000km, and for these capabilities, their oil filter had been priced from RM80 to RM90, which is not economical for an oil filter. Suppose the automobile does not change the oil filter parallel with the engine oil high mileage. In that case, it can create a detrimental effect on the engine as the oil filter ability will be diminished, and due to this, the sludge can build up unceremoniously in the engine.

However, for the Amsoil engine oil, the mechanic will claim that it can go up to 20,000km. Despite that, they will still advise the customer to come to their workshop for each 10,000km for a 12-point checkup and replacement of the engine oil filter. For the facts, the authorized Amsoil workshop will be recommended to the customer that Amsoil can last up to 20,000km provided that they come for the 12 point checkup on 10,000km or use the Amsoil oil filter if it is available.

The 20,000km is available; however, not many workshops will advise the customer to drive that car for that long. They are some gospel truths on why mechanics prohibit customers from making a long interval. Negligence of the customer for replacing the engine oil for too long can be baleful for the car engine as the sludge can be accumulated in the engine as the oil can be contaminated. Furthermore, it will violate the car manufacturers’ recommendation. Hence this is one of the reasons why car workshop, except for Amsoil, does not sell their 20,000km engine oil in the workshop. Even though it can be cost-saving for 20,000km engine oil as it can provide a long interval, it is advisable to follow the car manufacturer’s recommendation and change it accordingly. The longest that automobile lovers can go without changing the engine oil is 15,000km, and that is also if they have an oil filter that is commensurate with the engine oil abilities.

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