In every industry, sports, politics, military, country and much more, they will be some influential figure who changed the perceptive of the respective field that they are in. This individual with their innovative idea will make a revolution that will be followed in the years to come. In the automobile industries to they are several people who had influenced on how the car will be and their innovative idea and passion for making a better car had shaped the modern day car and today in this articles we will look at the 10 most influential persons in the automobiles industries.

Number 10.

Ferruccio Lamborghini


Lamborghini had experience owning a Maserati and a Ferrari bus dislikes both as he described that Maserati is heavy and Ferrari as a track car that has a bad quality interior. And since nobody at that time can make a car that satisfies his taste, he had decided to start his own car company and called as Lamborghini and choose the bull as the logo as he is a passionate lover of bullfighting. Lamborghini had built the Miura Sports Coupe which had become standard layout for the modern-day sports car as he introduced the real wheel drive, rear mid-engine, refinement, power, and comfort in his car. The sports car will never be the same again due to this and now most of the sports car follows the standard layout created by Lamborghini in 1960’s.

Number 9

Arthur William Savage.


Arthur William Savage had been the creator of many weapons via his company Savage Company. But how this person had been influential in the automobile industries since he is a weapon manufacturer. Well, aside from the weapon manufacturer in 1904 he had established the Savage Tire Company where he makes the tires and inner tubes. And from this company, he had created the foundation for the modern day tire the radial tire. He had invented the radial tire that had been used and popularized by Michelin Tire for the first time commercially and sooner many tire manufacturers had used this radial tire. This invention in 1904 had been the foundation and base for the modern tire that mostly radial tire.

Number 8

Frederick Lanchester

Frederick Lanchester.jpg

Without the brake, they are no any means to stop the car. The brake system especially the ABS had become one the most important safety feature of the car. But without Frederick Lanchester, they will be no brake system in the car as he is the founder of the disc brake that had started it all. He had invented this in early 90’s when he had created a system that clamped the clutch disc and it was ahead of this time as most of the car at that time using a separate system for braking. But unfortunately, it was not popular at that time as the metals that used for the disc brake was limited and he was reluctantly forced to shelve this technology. But 50 years after, Jaguar, Citroen, and Ford had used his disc brake and acknowledged the benefits of his system and now the disc brake had become one the standard feature in the modern day cars.

Number 7

Francis W Davis

Francis W Davis.jpg

With our power steering, electrically assisted steering or much more we feel easier to maneuver the car and all of this thanks to Francis W Davis who had created the power steering system 86 years ago. A Harvard University graduate student in 1906 and expert in the mechanical engineering he has a great knowledge in the hydraulic system. He had an ultimate desire to make the car easier to be maneuvered and after several tries, he had created a system where an open-valve that allowed oil to flow continuously, but when power-steering assistance was needed it was closed that had led to the creation of the power steering.He was confident on his invention that he had patented in 1926 and before that this system had been fixed in the Pierce-Arrow Roadster in 1925. But like the disc brake that had some problem with the limited part the power steering was not fixed in all the car at the time due to the Economic Depression in 1930 and only in 1951 when Chrysler had introduced the power steering system in their Imperial Sedan it had become the standard feature in all the modern-day cars.

Number 6

Leonard Da Vinci.


Leonardo Da Vinci not only the creator of the Monalisa paint but he had also contributed many idea for the automotive ahead of this time such as the hydraulic system, steeples drive that had been the base for the creation of the CVT transmission system, full explanation of the momentum , friction  and much more that had been studied by the modern day car engineer and some of his imagination had been made reality an example the CVT transmission. An inventor that way ahead of this time.

Number 5

Ferdinand Karl Piëch

Ferdinand Karl Piëch.jpg

The grandson of the Ferdinand Porsche has made a significant impact in the Volkswagen Group when he was appointed as their chairman in 1993.Like Steve Job whom had saved Apple from bankruptcy and had changed them to a profitable company, Ferdinand also had a similar situation as when he was appointed the company was only 3 months from bankruptcy and he had made a remarkable turnaround to make Volkswagen Group the largest car company in Europe behind Toyota and ahead of General Motors. He is the man that is responsible for the invention Audi Quattro, Buggati Veyron, successfully merging Lamborghini, Bentley, Skoda and Seat into Volkswagen Group. He had stepped down as CEO on 25 April 2015 and due to his contribution to the automobile industry, he had been awarded the Car Executive of the Century in 1999.

Number 4

Soichiro Honda.


The Japanese car company that had made his name for itself in the world thanks to invention and passionate desire from the founder to make the best car in the world and relentless innovation. The Honda brand had been successful thanks to the founder Soichiro Honda and now Honda is one the best selling car brand in the world. His influence in transforming Honda Motors as wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors to a multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer earned the nickname of Japanese Henry Ford.

Number 3

Kiichiro Toyoda

Kiichiro Toyoda.jpg

Which is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world? The answer is Toyota and this the guy that had founded the Toyota Motors and it plant in Japan is so huge that it had been called as Toyota City. The legacy he had left for endless pursuit of being the best automobile manufacturer led to the creation of first Asian premium model that rivaled the BMW and Mercedez-Benz the Lexus. Toyota always an emphasis on quality in the long run and due to this Toyota had always been on the top list for the best car and best engine.

Number 2

Ferdinand Porsche.


The founder of the high-performance sedan Porsche car. Like the Soichiro Honda and Kiichiro Toyota, Ferdinand also influential in the automobile industry where some of his ideas were way ahead of his time and had been used extensively in the present. He is the founder of the Volkswagen Bettle, the hybrid system, and electrical car system. Fortunately, due to the circumstance at that time, this idea of the hybrid system and the electrical car had not been implemented but most of the modern day car had a hybrid model in their ranks and Tesla had introduced the first electrical car in the world. All thanks to this man.

Number 1

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson.jpg

Both men do not create any parts or any system invention but what they had created something that is the core for our car safety. Both men are the founder of Volvo and had determined to make the car safer to everyone as for them “cars are driven by people and the guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain safety”. They had been steadfast on this and due to these the brand Volvo always been synonymous with safety and this principle had led them to be a pioneer in safety of the car like the 3-point seat belt, Autonomous Braking System, Blind Sports Monitoring System, side airbags, Driver Alert Control and much more. And why I had listed them as the most influential as no matter how many parts you had created, no matter how many company that had been bought, no matter how the layout will be and no matter what type of system is used in the car, the most important is it must be safe to drive a car in any situation and both of this man had provided a principle that had led to the creation of many safety features in the modern day cars.

All this person had influenced the automobile industry and the current modern car all come from their innovation and idea and it absolutely amazing their idea was ahead of their time and had been extensively in the present cars.

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