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BMW 118i A Small But Lavish Car By All Standards

The latest Sports Line 118i is considered the best car for the price paid against it

It is always easy for renowned car makers because of their reliability among masses to think of introducing a new model. But at the same time, they owe greater responsibility and to meet their already set standards the vehicle producers put their best efforts for a new model.

BMW 118i engines definitely provide a given reason to boast of its engineering marvellous. Replacement BMW 118i engines are also present in the market to provide a cheap alternative to the buyers.

The latest Sports Line 118i is considered the best car for the price paid against it. It is one of the smaller cars by this producer and surely at a price which is affordable for many.

But it is no way missing the class it should have hence it allows you to own an upscale brand without crossing limits of your budget. Though it does not mean to start comparing the other models of higher price and think of same features in the entry-level version but still is very much a premium touch in every feature.

This year model has received the mid-cycle facelift so something new is expected by the buyers and rightly so.

Under reasonable load and normal speed performance of the gearbox is excellent

It gets power from a three-cylinder 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine and it generates 100kW and 220Nm torque. The rear wheel drive car has eight-speed transmissions function automatically in a sleek manner.

It reaches to 100km/h speed mark in 8.7 seconds so it is reasonably quick and affords an economy of 4.8-litre fuel for one hundred kilometres distance while travelling on a mixed cycle. But the real-life figure is far greater than the claimed one.

It has the right amount of punch to feel the availability of agility requires for overtaking on an open road. The gearbox is computerized though not perfect but very much serving the purpose of smooth driving.

Under reasonable load and normal speed performance of the gearbox is excellent and without any fault. Comfort is also commendable, particularly when cruising on a highway.

Climate controlled air-conditioning

Full LED lights on the front, sixteen inches alloy wheels and satellite navigation are surely enough to provide it with a class of BMW. Climate controlled air-conditioning is also a premium touch to a small car.

A rear-view camera is to aid parking with greater ease and sports steering with sports seats are to match with the name of the model is quite necessary. You have been intimated with speed limitations while driving.

Rain sensing wipers are also present among the modern tech features of the car. The material brought in use to build the interior neither too excellent nor cheap so very much pleasing for the buyers.

The driver gets good options to adjust its seat and remain cosy for driving a mall hatch.

Space at the rearmost

Everything on the dash is to make it a class act and the black shiny surface makes an appearance of the screen even bigger than it really is. Space at the rearmost for luggage is good to hold two overnight bags of reasonable size and a one set of golf clubs.

It is available in many attractive colours apart from black. List of optional features is quite long and you can make changes to the interior as well. Driving experience score of the car is not as good as it should have been like other BMW cars but still above average.

On technology and connectivity front it has scored well to meet the needs of the pro futuristic drivers. Performance, comfort and style are combined to create a desiring balance.

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