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RON 95 fuel was the most used fuel in our country due to a cheaper price. What are RON 95 means? RON means Research Octane Number and the 95 indicates the octane number or octane rating of the fuel. The higher the fuel octane the more compression that the fuel can withstand before igniting. In Malaysia, they are many petrol outlets selling RON 95 which has a different name and different advertising to attract the user to use their fuel. In Malaysia, we have 2 choices of petrol that available in most of the station RON 95 and RON 97. They are some higher grade petrol sold in Malaysia such as the new Petrol Blaze RON 100 and Shell V-Power Racing that had RON 98 rating but unfortunately it is only sold in the specific outlet and with a higher price.

I had tried many RON 95 fuel on my Honda City and today I will like to share my experience on using this fuel on my car each time. This review is based on the performance of the car and fuel consumption of the car after I had pumped the petrol on my car. And all the petrol reviewed here is the RON 95 as for now is the most affordable (depends on fuel price revision each month).

Caltex Techron 95

Caltex Techron 95 Clean and Glide
What is Techron? Is a petrol formulation that contains polyether amines which can help keep the vital part of the engine part clean and also prevent accumulation of deposit in the engine as per promoted by Caltex using Grant Imahara from the MythBuster fame. When pumped in the car the different is noticed that the car is starting smoother with less vibration. While driving it is noticed they are some increase in the performance of the car and they are some added acceleration in the car. But maybe due to the increase of the performance the fuel saving of this petrol is not good enough.

The rating for this petrol is 3/5


BHP Infinite Advanced
BHP petrol had an addictive formula that doubled the recommended rating. Recommended rating 400ppm and in the BHP petrol it is 800ppm double than the recommended rating. This petrol gave my car a quite smooth start also but not as good as Caltex. The performance and acceleration are quite smooth and adequate but not as good as Caltex. The fuel saving is slightly better than Caltex.

The rating for this petrol is 3/5


Shell FuelSave 95
Royal Dutch Shell is one of the most famous oil and gas company in the world in term of the product and in term of being in top 10 of the best working place. Compare to BHP and Caltex, they are more Shell petrol outlet similar to Petronas in our countries. After pumped with this petrol, the starting is not as smooth as when pumped with Caltex. The performance and acceleration of the car are more balanced and does not feel like have any added power in it but Shell top it with superior fuel saving compare to BHP and Caltex.

The rating for this petrol is 3.55/5


Petronas Primax 95
Petronas our own oil and gas company that had many outlets in our countries comparable to Shell. It is also being one of the top 10 best to place to work in Malaysia and in certain rating, it is in number 1. After pumped with this petrol the starting of the car is not that smooth and they are more vibration compare to Shell, BHP, and Caltex. In term of performance was not quite good when compared to the balanced Shell fuel, Caltex added performance and BHP smooth performance. But Petronas is far better in term of fuel saving.

The rating for this petrol is 3/5

petron 95.jpg

Petron Blaze 95

Honestly speaking I disliked the previous Petron fuel but with the current Petron that had some improved formulation they are some different in them compare to the old one. The starting of the is not smoothest after pumped with this petrol but in term of performance and acceleration, it is far better than Caltex and BHP. The fuel performance is not as bad as for the previous formulation and it is still not matching the Petronas Primax performance. Although I did like my car performance and acceleration after I had pumped this petrol.

The rating of this petrol is 4/5

The Petron, Shell, and Petronas had an added advantages compare to BHP and Caltex as they is more outlet in Malaysia and it will easier for the drivers to pump this 3 compare to BHP and Caltex.

In the term of emergencies and availability especially during driving on the highway, I believe that most of the user choices will be Petron, Shell, and Petronas.

So, readers, I had given my rating based on my experience. Enjoy the weekend readers and for those who work in shift  Happy Working.

6 thoughts on “BEST RON 95 PETROL”

  1. Wow, your review is short and misleading.
    How would you test each petrol and base on which statistic or data did you have for such conclucsion?

    1. Hi There,
      The review is based on my experience with each RON 95 petrol. I tried to my different review withouy the fuel comsuption data and the review is solely in what i feel and my experience while using most of the this petrol.

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  3. When you suddenly switch from one brand to another, you will see a sudden change. But if you keep on using it for a month, then you can judge it better. When I switched from Shell to Petronas or ESSO, it costs me 2km/L, a reduction from current FC.

    I was using Viva (Manual) and done similar tests in 2008 – 2010. What I observed is worst Petrol is Petronas RON95 – 14km/L. The best was ESSO RON95 – I used to get 17km/L on this. Shell was the medium RON95 – 15km/L.

    Now using Vios (Manual). Untill the ESSO took over by Petron, ESSO was best. Now, Shell seems to be best for me – 17km/L. Petronas still in the worst line – 14km/L. Someone told me, BHP is good than Shell. Need to try that for 2 months to see how good it is.

    Note – all my tests were in short trips with 50% city and suburbs. Of course, long highway drive like KL to Pinang / Kedah has huge difference.

  4. 1. BHP ( SO GOOD)
    2. CALTEX (GOOD)

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