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AutoBahn Germany

Autobahn in Germany is a highway that is famous around the world as this is one of the highways that enables to the driver, thrill seeker, adrenaline pusher, speed junkies, test driver of the sports car to drive relentless without worrying about the speed limit. That right this highway does not have a speed limit.A highway that does not have a speed limit and with a length of 12949km with no toll except for the heavy truck , a well maintained highway due to the nature of the highway and with a low rate of accident even though it is a non-speed limit highway. This highway had been told in the movie, film and also in the racing video games such Need For Speed, Gran Tourismo and many other.

In our country also they are several highways as shown in the image slideshow below.

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PLUS is full abbreviation for the Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan or North South Highway in English where this highway starting from Bukit Kayu Hitam in North Kedah untill South Johor Baharu Skudai with length of 848km is one the longest highway in our country. Simply it is an highway that connect that north and south and vice versa of the Peninsular Malaysia. The next highway is the East Coast Highway or Lebuhraya Pantai Timur that connect to east of Peninsular Malaysia that consist of Pahang , Terengganu and Kelantan and vice versa. The MEX Highway or Maju Expressway that connect from Klang Valley to Putraja, Cyberjaya, KLIA and KLIA 2 and vice versa. DUKE highway or Duta Ulu Klang Expressway that connect from Ampang to Jalan Duta, and much more to come in the future.

Now with this highway we can talk how our drivers drive the car like in the Autobahn. First of all our highway is well maintained but maybe not as well as maintained as the Autobahn as due to the nature of the highway where it need to be due to unlimited speed on the highway.

But on the certain kilometers they is no light installed on the side of the road but you can see many of them driving fast and reckless with the best part headlight switching so that the driver will move to left or right to give away to the incoming rocket like car. Some driver may gave way but some do not make the rocket driver follow the driver dangerously close.Another thing why most of the rocket junkies like to drive on the night it is because to avoid the speed trap or AES camera. This is the reason that we have so many accident case due to our driver make the highways like a Sepang FI Circuit.

Speaking about accident you can see they is traffic congestion on our roads . But the best part is, the accident will be in the next lane but the traffic congestion will be in another lane. Forget about Fast and Furious movie many of our driver will like to watch the accident in another lane as a show and drive slowly as they are watching a movie. And some lucky choose individual will try to take the car number and tikam number or take numbers as they believe this a lucky omen. Good brief. And with the social media many of them like to take picture and share in the Facebook to get likes or shares. And i had encountered some situation where the photographer want to change the camera phone due to lack of clarity. Oh well.

Accident 3 in 1

The next thing about our highway and Autobahn is that in Autobahn they is no speed limit but in our highways, they is a speed limit signboard but not on the dashboard or speedometer as the speed is way beyond the speed limit. In the PLUS highway for example they speed limit is set to 90 to 100 but they way the driver drives the car it is not 90 or 100km as it can be more than that. We are creating our Autobahn but at the end of the day the driver can caught in an accident as the picture above hence increase the rate of accident in our country.

In Autobahn although they are no speed limit they are some rules to be followed as the heavy vehicles must be in the left lane and not on speed lane. In our country, the rules are not followed as you can see in PLUS highway the heavy vehicles such as truck and bus will be on speed lane driving like a bullet. The reason to catch the time set by the company. The reason we are good at creating the reason.

Our driver like to modified the car so much and will installed a turbo exhaust in the normal car.Unfortunately the old Proton Car whether we like it or not it is not built for safety  for the driver and when the driver want to test the car and pushed the limit if the car is out of control the driver can be in a serious trouble as this car is not built for safety and everyone know the old Proton car body condition and stability. Very dangerous. This type of vehicles is not allowed in Autobahn but in our Autobahn is common as people like to be F1 in a non-FI road.

They is no toll in Autobahn except for heavy vehicles but our highway as toll in for each 5 or 10 km and with the increase of the toll price each year we are paying for it whether we like it or not and we need readjusted our finance or budget due to this. Only God know when this will end and the chance are less as they is more highway being built and they are more toll gate to come. With reduce one toll here come another.Walla.

In Autobahn they are less accident rate even though they are no speed limit but in our Autobahn they accident rate is growing even they are speed limit due to several reasons. Driver faults, they are no light on the road, dangerous old trunk road that is more dangerous in the night, cheated car owners by the service center and other reason.

At the all, this is happening in our country highway and we create our own Autobahn.

This is what we can call as Autobahn Malaysia.

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